VSO campaign pitch:
Press play on your life



ICS (International Citizen Service) is a government-funded Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) programme that brings together 18 to 25-year-olds from all backgrounds to fight poverty in overseas communities.

VSO wanted a new campaign that would appeal to young people either looking for a life experience, or for something to help them stand out from the crowd in the current job market.

They wanted the campaign to use photos of real-life ICS volunteers.


A life experience abroad can sound scary. The 'Press Play On Your Life' campaign uses volunteers' real-life experiences to encourage the target audience think: 'I can't miss out on that!'

Just left school or uni?
Can't find a job?
Don't know what to do?
Stop wondering when your life is going to begin and take control – like these ICS volunteers.

Agency: Green Banana