Circus is a Time Out Awards winning homeware boutique in Brixton village, South London’s hipster capital. 

In October 2016 it underwent a major refurbishment and extended its service to include furniture and art hires. I was brought in to help reposition the brand by providing fresh copywriting, rich content and a press release.

I worked closely with the owner to establish the brand's USP and also wrote a series of sales-email templates that explained the new services to potential customers.  



Eye-catching one-offs. 
Beautiful vintage homeware. 
Contemporary artisanal treasures.

Colourful, beautiful and refined. Circus’ careful curation of hand-picked one-offs has turned this homeware boutique into a magnet for interiors professionals and the discerning shopper.

Circus specialises in finds that deserve to be treasured, whether in an apartment or a stately home, including:

  • mid-century Scandinavian furniture
  • vintage Danish ceramics and German candle sticks
  • original lithographs sourced from Paris including works by Picasso, Chagall and Matisse 
  • soaps and fragrances sourced from across Europe and North Africa
  • hand-picked artist prints, illustrations and cards
  • one-off artisanal blankets and textiles 
  • ceramics, jewelry and other items crafted by contemporary London artist.

Positioning article

“When you think of the circus you imagine a mix of different acts – the juggler, the tightrope walker, the magician,” says Circus’ owner Tabitha Rout.

“That’s what my shop is – diverse. I like having different elements that you might not necessarily put together. And circuses are also kind of outside of the mainstream, aren’t they?” she adds, with a knowing smile.

Positioned on the corner of First Avenue and Fifth Avenue, in Brixton’s buzzing Village, Circus has developed a cult reputation as a treasure trove for those seeking to express – or indeed discover – their individuality. 

Colourful, beautiful and refined. Tabitha’s careful curation of hand-picked vintage and artisanal one-offs has turned this homeware shop into a magnet for interiors professionals and the discerning shopper. 

“I want to give people the opportunity to reflect their individuality and I encourage everyone to be brave,” says Tabitha. “You can create your own personal space at Circus. If you took all the pieces I have in my home, they would look totally different in yours. And that’s what makes Circus different. In some ways, there’s no defined Circus aesthetic. And that's the compliment I often get in the shop – people love the sense of surprise.”